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Scuba takes us on a nostalgic journey in 'Forgive Me' EP

Scuba has returned to his own Hotflush Recordings to release his latest EP, Forgive Me. Founded in 2003, Hotflush has, over the years, pushed a huge variety of sounds in the world of electronic music. From garage and dubstep to house and techno, no stone has been left unturned. Forgive Me offers a different approach to dance music than what we might expect from Paul Rose, and it’s done in impeccable style.

From playing Ibiza’s Circoloco nights to his own five-year SUB:STANCE residency at Berghain, there isn’t much Rose hasn’t done. A key member in the framework of the UK scene, and an innovator in every way — with SUB:STANCE bringing the sound of dubstep and beyond to a largely techno-dominated space — it’s not surprising to hear something completely new from him as a producer; his sound has constantly been evolving over time.

Title track “Forgive Me,” which was influenced by electroclash, ‘70s Genesis and a ‘90s pop star, has a largely indie-pop sound. April's This Is For You saw Rose experiment with using live instruments in his productions. “Forgive Me” follows on from this, centering around an emotional interlude from the Novo guitar. Combined with a groovy, undulating bassline, euphoric vocals and shimmering synths throughout, “Forgive Me” sounds like it’s been plucked straight from a movie soundtrack. Everything comes together to create a nostalgic piece of essential summer listening. “Speed This MF Up,” a collaboration with debut producer Felsen, sits at the opposite end of the spectrum. Modular groove that unwinds into a celestial techno trip, it’s a hypnotic journey, exploding with energy in an elegant manner.

The contrast between the two tracks serves as a stark reminder of Rose’s range, both as a DJ and producer, as well as his ability to serve consistently fresh content. Despite their differences, each track’s ethereal qualities pair them together nicely. Forgive Me can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

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