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EJ Marais releases contemporary new single “Discotheque”

Genre-bending artist EJ Marais’ newest single, “Discotheque” is an unconventional ambient lullaby. As a Barcelona native, Marais incorporates the Spanish language while masterfully combining layers upon layers of sounds and mixes into the beat.

The hypnotic trance of the synthesizers makes this beat feel like a Latin club mix, but the quick bass transition has a hip-hop feel. Marais’ vocals provide an R&B style serenade over the rhythmic chorus as powerful synths instill a techno element into the background. Marais describes his creative process, “This one was also based on an old acoustic song that I had written a long time ago. I decided to change the finger-picking guitar pattern for a club synthesizer sound. It really went through many phases.” The artist utilizes his rare ear for opportunities to produce unorthodox music from basic elements.

“Discotheque” is a melting pot of genres and styles, combined with the cultural influences of Marais’ Spanish roots. His multi-dimensional music can appeal to numerous listeners with varying tastes. The uncategorized single challenges any restrictions and forces the listener to appreciate its genre fluidity.

Connect with EJ Marais: Instagram | Facebook | Soundcloud


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