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Toronto's Teenanger share the jangly new single "Touching Glass" [Video]

Toronto post-punk outfit Teenanger share the gripping new single "Touching Glass". Doused in DIY intimacies that ricochet across the brain, the single is lifted from the band's forthcoming LP Good Time.

Highlighting the band's clever amalgamation of post-punk sounds, "Touching Glass" utilises a humming bass line that provides an incredibly infectious hook. Influenced by new wave, the jangly guitar lines and wooden additions make for a brooding listen. Layered with Melissa Ball's distinct vocals, her clear-cut narrative of the idea that technology is overriding our minds, is an intense yet vibrant storyline.

Telling us more, Ball says: “I was thinking about John Carpenter's 1988 classic "They Live" (starring Roddy Piper) before I wrote these lyrics so I guess I had that plot in the back of my mind. It's pretty straight forward lyrically and partly about the fear of mind control and my frustrations with being tethered to/tired with my phone.”

Acting as a friendly reminder that Teenanger are indeed one of the frontrunners of the Toronto music scene, the band's return is a welcome one. Promising to greet listeners with frenetic post-punk soundwaves, Teenanger’s new record Good Time is out October 2nd via Telephone Explosion. 

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