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NIGHT TRAVELER laments lost love on "I Still Love You"

NIGHT TRAVELER's name is remarkably apt: all of their music simmers with the subtle sensuality of a late-night drive, or a last-call at a local dive bar. Adam Fischer and Hunter Glaske, the duo behind NIGHT TRAVELER, have a remarkable ability to ground searing pop with almost psychedelic Americana folk: their music is simultaneously accessible and deeply confessional. On "I Still Love You," their latest single for their upcoming debut album, this skill shines as bright as a clear Texas night sky.

While the track is certainly grounded in pop sensibilities—the hook, accentuated by synth stabs and pulsing drums, feels gargantuan and powerful—Fischer's reedy vocals (a mix of John Mayer and Michael Stipe) pierce through the mix with ease. Reverberated, jangly guitars also provide some thick grooves and emotive melodies.

Where their previous single, "Put Your Money On Me," showcased virtuostic guitar playing at a breakneck tempo, "I Still Love You" relies on sheer emotional vulnerability that hits like a punch in the gut. Through the track, the duo laments unrequited love at the end of a lengthy relationship. "This tune is about as honest as it gets," Fischer said. "I can go right back to the dead silence of that hot Texas night where I heard the words, 'You don't love me anymore' from the one I loved the most." Fittingly, they end the track repeating "you are still my fire," a last-ditch effort to stoke the dying embers of love.

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