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SoKo dazzles on "Oh, To Be A Rainbow!" [Video]

Stéphanie Sokolinski, otherwise known as French singer-songwriter SoKo, has dropped her fourth track this year with the dreamy, shoegaze single "Oh, To Be A Rainbow!"

The four songs are all set to feature on SoKo's first LP in five years titled Feel Feelings due to be released July 10th via Babycat Records. "Oh, To Be A Rainbow!" lands as the fifth track out of twelve on the release. 

Although SoKo has been preoccupied in the past years with landing acting gigs and becoming a mother, she has not been excluded from an ever-evolving indie scene as she has worked with the likes of Ariel Pink, Beach Fossils, MGMT, DIIV, and The Brian Jonestown Massacre in recent years.

"Oh, To Be A Rainbow!" kicks off with melty, sustained synths, a firm stare keeping the beat, and a fat bassline maintaining the dreamy tempo — all the makings of a Cate le Bon's Reward mashed with Mac Miller's Swimming kind of concoction

Until SoKo's voice enters and immediately steps into the spotlight; not only remaining at the forefront for the remainder of the song but turning the track into a singular type of sound.

In between raspy vocals, an additional guitar takes over for rhythm creating a surf-pop feel through arpeggiating chords culminating into an unforgettable chorus as SoKo sings of her desire to be a rainbow. As the song continues to shift through a sexy, sleepy sound, a quick passing piano line is the cherry on top of this wonderful track. 

Ultimately, "Oh, To Be A Rainbow!" arrives just in time to listen to while basking under the summer sunlight and proves it won't just be another single that comes and goes. 

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