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Jeannel unveils the rapturous "ICMIB" [Video]

On her first single of 2020 "ICMIB" ("I Can Make It Better"), Berlin and London-based artist Jeannel reaffirms her presence as one of the most compelling voices in the alternative R&B space. Her 2019 debut project NOITULOVE performed like her modus operandi, a five-track affair that harmonised between old and new aesthetics, synthetic and organic sounds, and truly revelled in it's luscious, transformative atmosphere. Her latest single continues this theme as she confidently explores the breadth of her sound.

In an attention-led world that encourages thick skin, "ICMIB" is a gentle reminder of the value of vulnerability. Speaking to the track in an email statement, she outlines that, "It is vulnerability, openness, connectivity, but also the reclaiming of the female principle, the slow, the healing principle, that is the driving force behind my artistry. Sexual relationships, the relationship with the self and the universal one mirror the path into light and balance. ICMIB is all about that."

Led by a left-of-centre synth, some shimmering guitars and trip-hop leaning atypical rhythms, much of the track's focus is dutifully on her rapturous voice. Cascading vocal layers build around her almost lackadaisical delivery, which leaves you hanging off every word. The moody video builds around this simplistic concept, almost actively encouraging the pensively introspective nature of the music.

Connect with Jeannel:  Instagram  |  Facebook | Spotify


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