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Russ drops straight bars on "Live From the Villa" [Video]

With another display of his musical versatility, Russ proves once again that he is the modern Renaissance man with the release of his latest single "Live From the Villa."
"Live From the Villa" presents to us: Russ the lyricist. His exceptional lyrical skills provide an infinite number of gems with clever and witty wordplay and intense delivery. He dismantles the thoughts of anyone who goes against him and uses metaphors to label them as "dreamers with broken hearts." Through the lyrics, he shows his emotional intelligence, including his empathy and his understanding, as to why people feel the way that they do and demonstrates that the envy and hate that some people possess is just a lack of love for their own selves. The light beat in the production sparks a kind of electricity that flows throughout the track. Produced by Brooklyn's one and only !llmind, the sound is sonically fluid and is undeniably the perfect combination for Russ to lay fiery bars.
"Live From The Villa" is the first release following Russ' recent announcement of becoming a fully independent artist. 
Beyond his music releases, Russ also uses his platform to spread real messages filled with substance and to speak out against racism. Recently, he has sold t-shirts and raised over half a million, giving all profits to 4 Black Lives Matter organizations. Many OGs of hip-hop have recognized him, especially because he's one of the only ones who made it by doing it all himself (mixing, mastering, producing, and writing his music). 
Connect with RUSS: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify
Connect with !llmind: Twitter | Instagram 


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