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Dragonfruit returns with big-time vibes on new single "Wasted"

The exciting Dutch group Dragonfruit continues to show why they’re trending upward with their latest single “Wasted.” The success of previous releases like “Gears of the Giant Machine” and “Some Say” led the Rotterdam-based outfit to sign with the Dutch label Super Sonic Jazz Records. The stylish new release shows once again why their impeccably tasteful sound has been grabbing the attention of more and more listeners around the globe.

With just a few singles released thus far, Dragonfruit’s music has already developed a reputation of being effortlessly smooth through their expert talent and deft production. These traits are instantly on display on “Wasted” with an introduction of lush, cinematic harmonies and delectably funky percussion patterns. As soon as vocalist Danique van der Vlugt enters the mix, however, it’s difficult to focus on anything else. Her sultry phrases glide over some warm chords in the verses before blossoming into the catchy hooks as she tries to deal with adversity in a relationship in a positive, self-affirming way.

With each new release, Dragonfruit keeps elevating their sound with a seamless blend of diverse sensibilities as well as electronic and acoustic elements. “Wasted” is just another example of why they are absolutely a band to watch.

"Wasted" is available to download here.

Connect with Dragonfruit: Instagram | Facebook | Spotify | Soundcloud

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