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Grace Gillespie shares DIY visuals for "Empty In The Capital" [Video]

Grace Gillespie is one of many things. She's an incredible musician, a fantastic songwriter and an all-around lovely person. But now, she's turned into a DIY video producer with the release of a hypnotic video for her new single "Empty In The Capital."

Exhibiting Gillespie's well-known folk tendencies, the single unravels itself as an exquisite tune. Weighted with light guitar plucks and lush vocals, "Empty In The Capital" details those current everyday anxieties of being stuck in one place for an unknown length of time. Yet, with these frustrations come the freedom to explore our emotions, and with this track Gillespie has elegantly vocalised her feelings. 

"I wrote my new song just before lockdown about themes that were coming up in my own life," says Gillespie. Then suddenly, Covid is here and we are all sharing in my isolation, fear and frustrations. I don’t like London at the best of times and the idea of being stuck here was almost scary to me. The track very much follows the pattern of a day for me. Much of my time is spent trying to reassure myself through rationalizing and acceptance."

This is quite simply the track that we didn't know we all needed. It's a calming, anxiety-reducing single that showcases Grace Gillespie at her very best. 

Connect with Grace Gillespie: Spotify | Facebook | Twitter 

Folk · Music Videos · U.K.


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