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JVCK and NORTH show us how to "Move On"

JVCK and NORTH, two artists from Naples, Florida, along with Sighmon, drop a riveting new track "Move On." 

"Move On" is JVCK and NORTH's first song together, and the musical chemistry between the two is extremely apparent as soon as we press play. Producing the album, JVCK undoubtedly created a beat that gave way to their talents to connect and come to fruition. The guitar strings give off a calm vibe, setting the tone for an extremely chill environment. However, when the suspense increases, so does the adrenaline. The drums make a powerful entrance, piquing curiosity for what's coming next.
North's strong voice and rock-centered vocals give off a powerful vibe that hooks us right in. Sighmon's voice is more mellow, adding on a perfect balance. The beautiful lyrics make this song that much more special, centering around a failed relationship and the effect that it has on his mental health. Revealing it all through the music, we enter their world and experience a part of their story through this song. Music always allows us to connect and relate. 
Connect with JVCK: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify 
Connect with NORTH: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify 
Connect with Sighmon: Instagram | Spotify 
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