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Harlem's Nino Man drops new fiery mixtape 'Hungry For Success 3'

Harlem's very own Nino Man just dropped a fiery mixtape Hungry For Success 3. Full of unapologetic relentless bars, this hip-hop artist reminds everyone of the true gritty sound New York has to offer. 

Opening up the mixtape with "The Intro (Live This)," piano keys create an atmosphere of suspense that perfectly fits the title. The intensity in Nino Man's voice and the gritty beats in the backdrop allow us to feel the hunger for success that he chases.  Through gifted wordplay, he makes it clear that he is about to take us on a ride through his struggles and end at a destination that explains what hip-hop means to him.
The mixtape also doesn't hold back on expressing real moments of raw introspection. Tracks like "Hurt" reveal a deeper side of Nino's vulnerability and the pain that his environment has brought him. Using his staggering rhymes to protect his soul, he openly shares the struggles with the world. The gentle yet strong tone on "Hurt" serves to be highly symbolic, showing that he has used the pain and turned it into fuel. 
"Broke No More" is a more high-energy track offering a different kind of vibe. The fast-paced beats increase our adrenaline, and an easy track to get hyped up and motivated to. The intense lyrics cleverly talk about his winnings, while a catchy chorus easily gets us all hooked to press play over and over again. 
This entire mixtape undoubtedly shows that Nino Man is filled with raw talent through both the delivery and the impressive wordplay. If you love Jadakiss, you also have to have love for Nino Man. Signing him to his label So Raspy, Jadakiss saw the emcees genius early on and quickly moved to make Nino Man a part of the team. He undoubtedly does justice to Jadakiss' legacy. 
Connect with Nino Man: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify


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