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Fontzerelli shares the video for "KING" [MUSIC VIDEO]

Fontzerelli takes the bull by the horns on his new single titled "King" and uses it to dispel the stereotypes being portrayed on screen. Not the one to sit back and complain about how black folks and the culture is being represented, he much rather takes the initiative to change the narrative for the better. Fontzerelli covers all bases on this one by teaming up with producers Simon Sayz and Js King Vid who craft a moody yet triumphant beat that rattles the speakers while he gives the listeners an in-depth history lesson that started from the motherland all the way to Europe and far beyond. Never one to mince his words, Fontzerelli reminds us with lines like  "...once upon, we sat upon that golden throne and surveyed shxt/No tagalongs, no vagabonds, we head to toe in that tailored..." that black culture has always been hip and forward-thinking.

The visual for "KIng" is helmed by director/editor Mark James Scott who does a great job in creating a myriad of images of past and current black pioneers in all spheres of life. We get to see images of Masai kings, Emperor Selassie, Afeni Shakur, and a tribute to the late TY, Trayvon Martin amongst others. figures.

"King" is a stark reminder of how far black people have come despite the negative portrayals in multiple media. "King" is taken from Fontzerelli's new LP BDNBB.

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