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Johno unleashes fresh vibes on new single "Won't Be Coming Home Tonight"

The multi-instrumentalist, philanthropist and composer Johno just released his new single “Won’t be coming home tonight”- the follow up from his 2019 The Road Not Taken in which he fuses influences of jazz, folk with mellow orchestral arrangements and traditional Gaelic textures. 

“Won’t be coming home tonight” kicks off with an arpeggiated acoustic guitar lick followed by a gripping violin-like melody that sets the stage for the lyrical phrase, “Don’t know where I am, It can remember why." The tune moves along with energetic doses of percussive hits and hits the climax on the bridge with a poetical combination between words and chemical simplicity between the array of different instruments.

In critical times of Covid-19 shaking the global music scene, it's refreshing to see a musician committed to making the world a fairer place for the least fortunate. Between the stage and the studio, Johno splits his time with humanitarian activities as the founder of the Delia Arts Foundation, a non-profit organization devoted to helping musicians in conflict zones such as Palestine overcome daily challenges in order to thrive in their artistic endeavors. 

To learn more about the Delia Arts Foundation: Click Here

Connect with Johno: Spotify | Facebook

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