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Kevin Sinatra fights for equality in new powerful visual "Lone Wolf" [Video]

Kevin Sinatra picks the perfect time to release his new powerful visual "Lone Wolf." This Woodbridge, Virginia artist gives us something to think about as he delves into the current issues, fighting for equality.
This impactful visual stimulates the mind as the scene changes from black to white, looking like piano keys. The symbolism is extremely apparent, as we witness men dressed in traditional clothing, suits, and in a plain all-black hoodie. Here, we are able to see a Black man in many different states, but still, they hold an unbelievable amount of power even if they are standing alone as a "lone wolf." Making references to certain policies and political stances, Kevin Sinatra uses his words as weapons to break through racism in order to completely eliminate it. Through intense wordplay, he shows the inequality of Black people, often referencing police brutality. Produced by Tyler Gunz & Curtis Tull, the beats give off vibe that makes you want to get up and protest. They carry a kind of strength that make some of us want to consistently fight for what is right. Through music, he intelligently awakens our spirits, educates us regarding knowing our rights, and gives us inspiration to keep going until justice is served.  
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