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ZIMINY takes inspiration from his “She (Zoey Deutch)”  

Taking a woman’s name and using it as his song title is his way of paying homage to the classics ZIMINY loves. The brainchild of Dave Amezcua, ZIMINY was determined to create the perfect ode to the oldies with this latest release.

Delivering a nostalgic yet current sound, the track evokes hints of 80s synth-pop a la Cutting Crew and Depeche Mode. Amezcua reveals in a statement “The lovely and talented actress Zoey Deutch really has nothing to do with this song, as my wife truly inspired it. But she's the perfect fictional muse to quench my thirst for 80's song titles with female names. My wife's name is Keesha, it would've never worked!”

Previously playing bass in notable rock bands such as AWOLNATION and Under The Influence of Giants, he is now taking center stage with his latest project. ZIMINY casts a soothing warmth throughout his music and listeners can bask in the sincerity of this feel-good release. Check out the heartfelt offering “She (Zoey Deutch)” now.

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