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Rayana Ragan wants answers as she asks "Why Mama Why"

The multi-talented California native Rayana Ragan just dropped her new chilling single "Why Mama Why." 

Although Rayana's love for music has always been strong, she has only recently started recording. “Why Mama Why” is the first single to drop from her upcoming EP Godless. Through the lyrics, Rayana inspires as she takes us on a journey through certain struggles, including toxic relationships. She pulls our heartstrings as her voice is captivating, emoting through hardships. Poetic words intertwine perfectly with the beats through a sonically pleasing yet simultaneously eerie track, culminating in a catchy chorus. As she sings about a quest for answers, there is a kind of mysterious vibe in the search for the unknown. The pleasing atmosphere is automatically created through the musical elements, giving us a feeling as if we are being comforted by a maternal force. Perhaps, this will inspire you to also be able to find your own answers. 
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