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Ukiyo's "Good Enough" is cinematic electro-pop music born from isolation

Ukiyo has been making a name for himself ever since the release of his debut single "Skyline" back in 2016. Since then, he has gone on to audibly and visually please our ears with the likes of "Something Like This" and "Calling." It is not difficult to see why Ukiyo was able to form partnerships for his music with the likes of powerhouses Netflix and HBO. However, today sees the release of Ukiyo's latest single, "Good Enough", which was created in isolation far before lockdown swept Australia.

Ukiyo creates all of his music within his own tiny bubble in the hills of Perth, however, while he is an introverted character, he has actually teamed up with Melbourne-based pop artist Maribelle for this latest single. "Good Enough" is a sonically pleasing anthem that uses more of the elements Ukiyo has used in his previous songs - soaring vocals, thumping electronic claps, and various glitchy instrumentals help tell a vivid story.

Ukiyo has more leaned towards house music in his recent releases and it shines within this latest single; being able to stretch the genre and experiment with an alternative electronic sound to produce yet another satisfying single to please your ears.

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