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Drea Rose feels "Foreign" to the world

LA-based songstress Drea Rose first caught our attention a while back with her brand of laid-back ethereal soul music. Her style is steeped in the eclectic sounds of California's mellow culture, elements of old Motown to jazz, and even classical orchestral sounds. However, on her new release "Foreign," Rose dives deep into what makes her tick to deliver a sublime and unapologetic look at her introverted nature.

"Foreign" was produced and co-written with her musical partner Jesse Barrera who helps channel Rose's social anxiety into pure soul-gripping performance on wax. Rose makes good use of the hazy texture laid before her and brings the listener close to the action with her soft unassuming vocal delivery.  When it comes to being introverted she doesn't try to hide that attribute at all and just lays everything on the table for us to see.  It's worth noting, she approaches the matter with a carefree demeanor as it is obvious she revels in the serenity of her own personal space. 

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