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Alex Kozobolis and BFI-backed David Drake make quirky, independent short "Offline"

Set in a post-apocalyptic world where a young protagonist seeks value in scrap, "Offline" carries the influence of Tarkovsky's thrilling atmosphere and evokes Wes Anderson's mise en scène.

Although the short film scores mysterious piano to stark black and white visuals, reminiscent of Luca Guadagnino's quirky, and charming "Call Me By Your Name." Overall, the piano gives an older, more real-life feel to the film. "Offline's" curious keys add a rich warmth to the baron and monochrome visual medium. As a result, the piano uplifts the medium soaring into the nuances of the film as the protagonist discovers rare treasure. However, let this be a warning. The film taken in isolation could almost be a depressing reality after the end of society. But, luckily for us, together, the sound and visuals perhaps capture the wonder around the unique aspects of humanity.

Deftly directed by BFI backed David Drake, David visually takes Alex Kozobolis' "Offline" into a entirely new dimension.  The result is incredibly endearing, and we very much recommend watching the short. "Offline" is from 2019's Somewhere Else, which can be bought from bandcamp here.

Film credits:

David Drake: Director - David Drake (www.daviddrake.co.uk)
DOP - Stu McOmie
Editor - Ian Drake
Sound Designer - Jack Brady Spelman
Actor - Ruby Bardwell Dix
Prod. Assistant - Jenny Swindells
Prod. Company - American American (www.americanamerican.xyz)
Connect with Alex Kozobolis: Facebook |  Website | Twitter |  BandcampSpotify
Photo credit: Özge Cöne
Classical · Indie · Neoclassical


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