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Boombox Cartel uncage thunderous trap single "Máquina"

Boombox Cartel are back with a new single, the thumping trap and future bass hybrid "Máquina."

"Máquina" artfully tightropes the line between mesmerizing and rip-roaring throughout its arrangement, which contains two different drops that are equally captivating while differing in sound design. The first one features beautifully produced, metallic leads, cleverly correlating to the track's title, which translates to "machine" in Spanish. An ideal illustration of signature Boombox Cartel, they are splayed frenetically throughout and layered over booming, thunderous 808's. The same goes for the second drop, which shrewdly uses a nasty saw patch at the outset to build tension before uncaging a stunning future bass segment.

The dichotomy between both drops is a quintessential representation of Boombox Cartel, who have proven themselves as one of the most versatile production outfits in the electronic sphere with their ability to juxtapose trap and future bass while somehow oscillating between both genres with the same forceful punch. You can get familiar with them and their prolific catalog of music via the links below.

Connect with Boombox Cartel: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram

Electronic · Trap


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