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Jett Kwong’s new wistful EP is a listener’s paradise

Jett Kwong is known for her introspective songwriting that touches themes such as overcoming fear, living in the moment and working towards inner peace within oneself.  Now she unveils her unearthly EP Future, taking you on an eye-opening journey of insightfulness.  

Beginning with “Cream”, a lush ode to summer, Kwong utilizes her signature sound of Chinese guzheng and twinkling synths. With haunting, emotive harmonies, the song tells the tale of lusting after someone, but a romanticized form of the person and the past. The tranquil sounds of "Tokyo Bath" immediately overtake listeners. Her gentle, ethereal melodies float atop more breathtaking instrumentation, to craft an arrangement that’s otherworldly. Inspired by soaking in one of Tokyo’s idyllic onsen,  the song details longing for a moment of transcendence and complete bliss. Kwong shows that serenity can be found within oneself and not from your surroundings.  "Away" highlights melancholy soundscapes and classical, choral-like harmonies.  The poignant track narrates the the deep frustration we can sometimes experience as we strive to achieve our goals. 

Future propels us to take a look at their own demons and ultimately find the path to overcome them Take a listen to Jet Kwong's Future and get lost in this stunning sonic sanctuary.

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