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Sans Soucis teases new EP with tender single "Make One From A Two"

Sans Soucis continues to carve out a lane for herself in the music industry with absorbing, original songwriting and exceptional musicianship. The Italo-Congolese artist has a new EP on the way and has given us the first preview of the project with the beautiful single “Make One From A Two.” The lush new track showcases her delicate and unpredictable style that doesn’t sound quite like anyone else.

Not only does “Make One From A Two” show off Sans Soucis’ penchant for melody, but it also reflects her maturation in production and arranging. The song features a gorgeously understated orchestral accompaniment that offers an affectionate sonic element amid her words about the complexities of love. With the backdrop of the patient beat and warm harmonies, she writes about the importance of nurturing love even through adversity. In a statement, she describes the song as being “A hymn for empathy and the ability to create closeness through compassion.” It’s a well-trodden theme but she makes it her own with unique writing in both the vocals and instruments. “Make One From A Two” shows why Sans Soucis is on the rise, with her upcoming EP likely being be one to remember.

Sans Soucis' forthcoming EP Unfinished will be released April 17. "Make One From A Two" is available to download or stream here.

Connect with Sans Soucis: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Bandcamp | Spotify

Acoustic · Alt-Pop · Feature · Indie · Pop · U.K.


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