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Trust The Child's '3MUSEUM' is a multi-faceted look into the life of a complicated artist

Trust The Child closes off his MUSEUM series with a brand new 8-track EP, 3MUSEUM. The 26-minute long project lies in the same vein as its predecessors. The poetic lyricism deals with topics such as self-discipline, ambition and carving one's path in order to succeed. Once again Trust showcases the versatility and a high dose of vulnerability over a wild variety of soundscapes.

From the opening track "No Shelter" the listener is afforded a glimpse into Trust's upbringing and his current state of mind. He focuses more on the lyrical substance here as the sparse broody backdrop plays second fiddle to his manic thoughts.

Trust doesn't leave anything to chance on this project as he tackles several aspects of his life. He makes use of a playful backdrop on "OMMFJC" which serves as a reminder, not to over-analyze situations. He even embodies the light-hearted vibe by delivering his verses in a very simple, choppy manner. On cuts like the dark trap-infused "Whose Keeper?" he talks about his own guilt for not being there for his family due to his workaholic nature. This is something we all can relate to in many ways and Trust really dives into the matter with his emotion-driven performance.

As expected Trust also tackles relationship concerns on cuts like the groovy "In Her Brainless Angel Groove" and lethargic textures of "New Warmth."  The former is more of an appellation driven piece while the latter sees him deliver a thoughtful message of hope in his significant other with a pseudo melodic tone.

Another cut we should speak on is the last track "Sweet Winds & Photosynthesis," which is a pretty eccentric title for a song about taking a leap of faith. Over a soulful loop, he talks about how we presently have a vast amount of resources to express ourselves and his aim not to misuse these opportunities. In the final verse, he name-checks every track from Frank Ocean’s Blonde, an influential album noted for its sensitivity and lyricism. Trust affirms that he doesn’t believe in a loss before letting the end of the song loop with "Flower Child" taken from 1MUSEUM.

3MUSEUM is a solid addition to Trust's discography and a befitting finale to his 24 track MUSEUM music series. With each installment containing 8 tracks each, Trust The Child doesn't try to reinvent himself but rather peel off the layers that instruct his being. Trust The Child is not afraid to try new things or put his raging emotions in full view for all to see. The full series is a spectacular showcase of the depth and range he has as an experimental rap artist. 

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