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Trust The Child shows us his life experiences on '2MUSEUM'

North, Scarberian-Torontonian lyricist Trust The Child makes his debut on EM with his brand new 8 track EP entitled '2MUSEUM.'  The 18-minute long project touches on a handful of topics ranging from religion, self-growth and the challenges he had to overcome as a young man of West Indian origin. His style is focused more on storytelling as opposed to just rhyming for the sake of riddling as he makes a statement on life's absurdities, shedding the ego and trusting in the sense of play for growth.

The first track off the new EP is  "Wish You The Best" - a dreamy track that sees Trust The Child penning an open letter to his peers while clearing out the skeletons in his own closet. The trappy boom-bap "Bohemian Fade" is a mixed bag of emotions where he is appreciative of the little blessings while acknowledging that not everyone's dreams will be manifested. He attributes this to his experience as a kid witnessing a woman being kidnapped in his hometown.

On "Never Been to LA" the rapper pokes fun at the idea of keeping up with the joneses without any regard to the consequences. He also adds some weird context to the song by imagining the irony of killing a father for his jacket in Canada before fleeing to one of the warmest cities around.

"Deep-Pockets" focuses on the profound meaning of love sans the monetary aspect, over a lush piano-driven backdrop, Trust The Child questions his significant other and himself about their motives. "Pharmacy Ave" is an autobiographical look at Trust The Child's past addiction and also in a more general sense as the song progresses. 

The latest EP serves as a cathartic release and almost a confessional to his audiences. Through his highly-personal lyricism, he reviews his own dependency on drugs on the first verse and explores sex and social media addiction in the second verse. The tack's title is also a nod to his first home in Scarborough that was on a street named Pharmacy Ave. "bend" has a more playful vibe and doesn't really go deep in terms of the subject matter but sure is a nice switch. The final cut "Aqueduct Flow"  details the creative process and how it acts as a coping mechanism or some form of ecstasy for artists. It's the perfect self-reflective end to a project that showcases a very honest side to the artist. No matter the professional be it a painter or journalist, it's clear that he feels if the individual is in his or her element they are tapping a little bit of energy from beyond. There are subtle hints that even working on this EP, the creative process can help slay demons and then some.

'2MUSEUM' is the follow up to his debut tape 1MUSEUM and as a writer, he was selected for a Telefilm New Voice Award. Get the entire project on Soundcloud.


Connect with Trust The Child: Soundcloud  | Twitter | Instagram

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