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Jamie Freed lets loose and gives us "Food For Thought"

Jamie Freed had a stellar 2019 and has started 2020 off in incredible fashion with his new track "Food For Thought." 

Jamie Freed was one to watch in Ireland last year with the release of his debut Wants, Not Needs EP. This was a true establishing point for the sound that Jamie was trying to achieve. This was no more evident than on the lead single "Keep A Bag". His auto-tune backed vocals glide in glowing fashion over well-produced beats and this led to a concise but cool listen on his EP. He continues this form on his new Soundcloud exclusive release "Food For Thought". 

This track has the usual signs of a Jamie Freed banger. This has a much deeper feeling to it, however, Freed exposes his true vocal ability on this one, pushing his voice to places we have never seen him go. His writing has always been a great asset of his and "Food For Thought" takes that to the next level. His potent pen game and description of his journey are enough to make a fan get emotional and invested in his journey. The imagery portrayed by Freed is clear and understood. A beautiful story told through lyrics about how this rise has been rapid. The sheer pain in his voice at points on this record push the track to be way more than some forgotten loosie left to burn out on Soundcloud. 

This is the perfect holdover as we await what's next from the Freed camp. With back to back sold-out shows in Dublin under his belt, we wait with bated breath on what is to come next from this rising star. 

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