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Wehbba provides digital club experience on new album, 'Straight Lines and Sharp Corners' [Video]

Brazilian DJ and producer Wehbba just delivered his debut Drumcode album, Straight Lines and Sharp Corners, and it is an honest journal reflecting Wehbba's musical influence in his early days. As the techno maestro himself comments in the press release, the musical references here "trace back to the 90s, when I started listening to electronic music and had no judgment of what was cool - when I was totally free." Ranging from atmospheric to pumping productions, the album is a true testament to Wehbba's tenacious dedication to his craft.

The opening track "Prelude: Goya" does the job right and commands undivided attention right from the start. Different from what you will hear from the rest of the hard-hitting techno album, it features a flutter of arpeggiated sequences accompanied by the organic sensibilities of his field recordings. The entire cut is radiating profundity and suspense beyond the overt euphoria, uplifting and foreshadowing the bursting climax ahead. "Basic Pleasure," on the other hand, has a cosmic foundation with celestial rhythms and droning basslines. Multi-dimensional rave hoover sound comes in and out, taking us all on an interstellar grand adventure. Blurring the lines between techno and ambient, “14th To Grand Central” pulls you back from the edge of an all-out rave with piano melodies and field-recording of Wehbba's journey from 14th Street to Grand Central Station in New York.  The closer "Digital Sunset" is full of vibrancy, creating a virtual experience of watching the sunrise at 6 AM after an intense euphoric club experience, with the aid of hypnotic harmonies and introspective flute leads.

Here're just a few highlight tracks that represent the wide range of sounds Wehbba touches in this body of work. We encourage you to listen to the entire album with your best pair of headphones, from start to finish, as this album is clearly a well-thought-out and carefully curated experience by Wehbba. From laying down an evocative foundation with the opener, to delivering full-on stomping chaos followed by tranquil closers, Wehbba has presented us with an unparalleled digital night-out experience from dusk to dawn. 

In addition to the LP, Wehbba announces his new live performance format Wehbba Live Station as well as a short film that was created in conjunction with the LP and narrates a poem written by Wehbba himself. 

Purchase/stream the album here.

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