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HOWES3' latest single "Nonian" takes us on a sonic journey

After their last single “Too Many Kicks” dropped, HOWES3 showed why their upcoming album Moving Forward is likely to be a breakthrough for the U.K. trio. The group exhibited incredible talent and awe-inspiring synergy on that track and now with their latest release “Nonian,” they show no signs of slowing down. With their debut LP set for release on April 10 via Deep Matter Records, “Nonian” showcases HOWES3’s range in style without sacrificing any of their electric energy and undeniable edge.

The track begins in a relaxed vibe with a laid back groove and shimmering synths reminiscent of 1970s Herbie Hancock or George Duke records. With the understated melodies and arranging, the trio shows that their music isn’t only about chops, but also a heavy dose of good taste. About halfway through the song, though, the group flips a switch as the music transitions into a double time dance floor jam, almost as if they just couldn’t help themselves. Drummer Luke Campbell performs an astounding solo before the music simmers back down in energy to close out the track. With their trademark fiery delivery, HOWES3 shows on “Nonian” to have a wide palette of musical sensibilities that will add fresh dimensions to their debut LP.

"Nonian" is available to download or stream here. Moving Forward will be out April 10 and is available to pre-order here.

Connect with HOWES3: Instagram | Facebook | Bandcamp | Spotify | Website | YouTube

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