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HÅN explores power dynamics in new single "Lens"

HÅN was first featured on EARMILK when she debuted her debut single "The Children" back in 2017, what followed was a succession of releases and evolution to her overall image, brand, and sound. Driving darker melodies and beats, HÅN shares her stirring new single "Lens," shared earlier today. Starting out in a subdued fashion her captivating vocal work gently glides atop a piano build that crescendos into a fast and punchy melodic background made up of sweeping synth work and light drum production.

Over email the Italian artist shares, "It’s about the abuse of power and the ways in which it creeps in relationships between people. It is very easy to feel held back, not being able to express what you think freely and this track is a sort of reminder to the relevance of doing it instead. It is a statement saying that in the end, I will always be the one to decide for myself." "Lens" builds alongside her vocal performance giving it an almost cinematic element, which suits HÅN's penchant for experimental and dreamy music palates. The new single is one of the first releases to be released off a forthcoming EP due out in 2020. Stay tuned. 
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