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Harry Strange ignores relationship red flags on "Four In The Morning"

Alt-popper Harry Strange returns with his infectious new single "Four In The Morning". With glimmering pop intimacies, the single is immensely evocative, detailing the frustrations of continuing something with someone despite seeing the red flags.

With Harry's otherworldly vocals sending you into a dreamy haze, it's the synthetic alt-pop chorus that captures a sense of release and freedom.  The track is both sleek and addictive, elegantly crafting a single that we can all identify with. Amalgamating shiny alt-pop with intimate electronica, "Four In The Morning" is a slice of pop genius.

In a press statement, Harry explains: "I just wanted a track that was more of a f**k you that poor me. I feel that many of my previous releases came from a place of vulnerability or sadness and I wanted to explore the notion of confidence, and whilst you may have been screwed over a bit, that doesn't mean you're in the losing position. The song explores the numerous warning signs that you get but choose to ignore and in hindsight they're so obvious, I hope this song embodies a big fat middle finger to anyone that's pissed you off."

Unearthing a familiar yet unique sound, Harry Strange is DIY pop artist ready to be a star.

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