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Bishop Nehru's "Too Lost" digs deep into the young emcee's subconsciousness

Bishop Nehru's newest single "Too Lost" is a profound exploration into the emcee's fears, hopes and the unpredictable dynamics that hold all these elements together. The single sees him working with legendary hip-hop producer DJ Premier who prepares a broody, neck-snapping backdrop for Nehru to really divulge his innermost emotions without holding back the punches.

"Too Lost" is a brilliant piece that shows the growth Bishop Nehru has experienced over the years and displays a more detailed and informed writing style. The flows are sharp as ever but more importantly, the way he builds the lyrics is something noteworthy. He takes the listener step by step into a somewhat complex world where he bares it all as he is questioned by some mysterious voices in his head. Although it's a far cry from the reflective lyrics shown on his single "Me and my thoughts", "Too Lost" taps into a more mature and somewhat gloomy side of things related to Bishop Nehru.

"Too Lost" is the follow up to his previous single "Me and my thoughts" and both songs are from his forthcoming and oft-delayed sophomore project Nehruvian: my disregarded thoughts, which is now scheduled for a May 8th, 2020 release date. Check out his European tour dates below.

1. Colder

8. Our Energy Is Astral

2. In My Zone

9. All Of My Years

3. WhyDoesTheNightSkyTalk2Me

10. meathead feat.DOOM

4. Little Suzy (Be Okay)

11. Me & My Thoughts

5. Too Lost


6. 3:50 In LA

13. Never Slow


Bishop Nehru tour dates

29.03.2020 – Warsaw, Poland

09.04.2020 – Münster, Germany

31.03.2020 – Vienna, Austria

11.04.2020 – Berlin, Germany

02.04.2020 – Milan, Italy

12.04.2020 – Copenhagen, Denmark

03.04.2020 – Amsterdam, Netherlands

13.04.2020 – Zwolle, Netherlands

04.04.2020 - Groningen, Netherlands

14.04.2020 – Bristol, UK

05.04.2020 – Brussels, Belgium

16.04.2020 – Manchester, UK

07.04.2020 – Paris, France

18.04.2020 – London, UK

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Hip-Hop · Rap


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