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Courtney Page Nelson shares an honest reality of many breakups in "Sorry I'm Not Perfect" [Video]

Courtney Page Nelson took a unique path into music, performing for the first time in front of an audience at age 27. Finally ready to face the intense hardships in her life, she’s opening up and showing a vulnerable side to herself that really comes through in her work. Her latest single “Sorry I’m Not Perfect” features soft electro soundscapes and stunning rich vocals oozing with passion. The track is a poignant ode to her ex who left her broken-hearted and scarred.

The accompanying video for the single is equally as striking. The visuals portray Nelson as a dark demon and her ex as a perfect Ken doll because that’s how he made her feel. A streak of blood runs down her and her ex’s face, creating a physical display of her deep emotional pain. With bright hues of blue and fervent reds, it’s the perfect visuals to showcase the song’s impassioned sentiment.

In her press release the singer divulges, “For this video, I wanted to visually show how this whole process went for me. The song itself is about my piece -- my side of the story in the breakup. So with the video, I wanted to let people into my head, taking the viewer and putting them smack dab in the middle of what my reality was like.” 

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