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Joe Ramsey explores a new path on "Fork in the Road"

There's a fine line between having a story to tell and being a true storyteller, and Middlesborough-based indie-folk singer-songwriter Joe Ramsey perfectly encapsulates the latter as a genuine modern troubadour. 

"Fork in the Road" sees the burgeoning newcomer take a mild departure from his tender indie-folk stylings, transposing his ear for melody into more rock-focussed climbs. Introducing the track with a subtle nod to Oasis, the pre-chorus sees the track take flight, exploring this new path. With his pensive aperture dialed up and delivered with a heavy dose of indie anthemia, it's hard not get swept up in the energy.

Disinterested in trends to garner popularity, he lets his timeless approach to music fully define his character, with that character being an inspired artist with a natural affinity for songwriting. Paired with that, his voice carries a certain presence that leaps out from each track, as if he were performing in front of you. Compelling work indeed, expect much more from Ramsey this year.

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Folk Rock · Indie


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