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Fastlife and Madhattan's "Chopt" is an undiluted exposé of the street life

Emerging underground emcees Fastlife and Madhattan have been doing their thing individually for a while now and have quite a considerable amount of solo projects under their belts. Fastlife has six releases since he debuted some two years ago, while Madhattan has four projects since he started in 2019. The duo eventually connected and decided to work on a full-length collaborative project to solidify their status on the underground scene. This decision birthed the duo's debut single “Duck Szn” which dropped last summer but now they return to the field with another gem titled "Chopt."

"Chopt" continues the duo's penchant for dark, gloomy street tales, ominous production and a whole lot of lyrical bravado. Nothing is spared on this one as we get a continuous verbal onslaught from the duo over a haunting beat provided by Ahj Adams. It's pretty obvious that Fastlife and Madhattan love the art of rhyming and there is plenty of it on "Chopt," from witty lines such as "...Y'all really want the smoke and I puff puff pass..." to somewhat humorous ones like  "...We infidels, in the field like scarecrows and daffodils..."

"Chopt" is taken from Fastlife and Madhattan's forthcoming collaborative project No Politics.

Connect with Fastlife : Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Connect with Madhattan : Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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