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Weird Milk share the sour indie rock lament "Is That Love?"

London-based baroque-pop outfit Weird Milk look to swagger into 2020 with the lovesick ode to relationships passed, "Is That Love?". Clearly fuelled by iconic pop and rock titans, their unique brand of rock music floats through time, as the four-piece cherry-pick shades and timbres that carry a charming nostalgia yet presented in high-fidelity with a contemporary bite.

Starting out in a distinctly bossa nova atmosphere, it's the chorus of "Is That Love?" that sees this standout release achieve its full potential. A stadium-sized melody rolls in like a freight train, with a foot-stomping rhythm propelling the dutifully bitter vocal to guaranteed anthem status. Sharing a lyrical insight in the press release, songwriter and drummer Charlie Glover-Wright states that "the song itself is about a relationship turning sour as a lemon and the main character realising that they don’t need it anymore and they’ll be better off on their own”. With UK audiences rapidly catching on to the natural talents of Weird Milk, much of the rest of the world is no doubt soon to follow.

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