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A "Million Days" pass and we still crave Sabai's heartfelt future bass track

Perhaps love is fated to be burdened by insensibilities, characterized by a mountainous journey of emotions and hurt, of finding oneself in arduous experiences of hope and aspirations. Perhaps love is forever bound to time, further characterized by our right in pursuing happiness via human perseverance. Congregating exultant yet hopeful chords into the three-plus minutes that is "Million Days", Vancouver-based producer Sabai provides a careful introspection into the strings that tie love, time and longing together, with fellow producer Hoang and vocalist Claire Ridgely

The dynamic hues of "Million Days" paints a narrative that effortlessly traverses the global landscape; relatable, heartfelt and pure in its delivery and construction, the trio encapsulate feelings of everlasting resiliency in the track's achingly-beautiful melodies—extending a hand to pull us into their iridescent world. Synths flowing and risers pulsing, Sabai taps into his travels to connect, ostensibly encouraging us with reflective elements. In addition, Ridgely's soft-spoken croons, convey the feelings we all have inside us, delivering unabashed authenticity through each and every word. "Million Days" is vulnerable yet powerful, soothing yet longing; it's a future bass number that fully understands its narrative and subsequently its audience, with Sabai's solidified craft shining through each melodious hook. 

The meaning of Sabai is "comfortable"—which signifies who Sabai is as an artist. The producer strives to give fans a feeling of acceptance and familiarity, to be a shoulder to lean on when anyone needs inspiration. More than anything, he wants fans to be comfortable with who they are, to realize that through his music, there is someone who knows what they are going through. Sabai's music showcases the world of Future Bass and House, but has eclectic influences from other genres including Pop, Rock, and R&B. He also values collaboration as a path to tap into creativity and discovery—all of this resulting in a powerfully distinct sound that provides an emotional and melodic experience to any listener.

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Dance · Electro Pop · Future Bass


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