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Nia Wyn stakes her claim on debut EP 'Love I Can't Ruin'

Life is a rich tapestry, and every now again you come across an artist so compelling you're obliged to understand the path it took to get there. Who would expect such a voice, such a sound and such a vision to be born in a small town in Wales? Introducing Nia Wyn, a burgeoning indie-soul artist that leaves you wondering where EPs like her transcendent debut Love I Can't Ruin has been your entire life.

Spending much of her youth isolated in a small town, she utilised songwriting as a form of escape, soon mastering a sound that far extends the rurality of her location. In second-hand shops, she stumbled upon the works of such legends as Billie Holiday and Bob Dylan mixed in amongst as the likes of contemporary icons Nas and Lauryn Hill. Inspired, she began to understand her connection to storytelling and moreover, the true soul in music. Fusing those formative sounds with UK (or Northern) soul and indie trappings, Love I Can't Ruin was born at the end of a winding journey and the start of a new one; a no doubt fruitful career for this inspired artist.

The EP addresses much of modern life from her unique perspective, with Wyn stating in the press release that some of the tracks are "about falling in love, getting hot for someone and telling cat-callers to f*ck off."

There's a coherent, soulful overarching theme, woven together by the breadth of her one-of-a-kind vocal timbre, that salubriously allows her to explore various musical shades with ease. From the irrefutable R&B vibe of "10 Seconds" setting the tone to the strutting and soulful groove of "Stay In Your Lane", and the titular "Love I Can't Ruin" concluding the previously released singles. Refreshing your palette with the tongue-in-cheek interlude "Last Warning", Wyn closes out her standout debut with "Castaway", a song she notes in the press release was inspired a time "when everything in the UK made me want to run away and hide." Expect this and much more from Wyn in 2020.

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Indie · Main Stage · Neo-Soul


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