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Alex Jayne reflects on past relationships on "90s Dream" [Video Exclusive]

Swaddled in a warmth that only great pop artists can create, Alex Jayne unearths a feeling of nostalgia in her latest single "90s Dream". Underscored with delicate guitar twangs and intertwined with a soothing drum melody, this single is a true work of art from the UK artist.

Emphasising that reflecting on past relationships is sometimes how to move forward and be a better you, "90s Dream is about moving on" Jayne tells us. "Imagine you're on a film set. But it's your own love story that's being projected. It's flashing before you, over and over again. For me that was the process of writing this song, reliving a relationship and realising I'm now free from it."  

Immediately transported to the early work of Jessie Ware, an artist which is referenced in her soulful sounds, Jayne's ethereal sounds feel both tangible and emotive, emitting a feeling of growth and maturity. "90s Dream" is a song for those wanting to overcome a relationship, but who also need to learn from it in order to grow as a loving human. Powerfully evocative, Jayne's intricate details allow the track to enchant its listener. Stunning work.

The video is directed by Laurie Barraclough.

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