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Yumi Zouma travels to a dreamy locale on “Southwark”

New Zealand art-pop outfit Yumi Zouma has shared their new single “Southwark.” The track is lifted off the group's forthcoming LP Truth Or Consequences, which serves as their debut for Polyvinyl. “Southwark” follows “Right Track / Wrong Man” and their January released single “Cool For A Second.”

This latest single is brimming with warm productions and a sonic vibrancy that feeds the soul. “Southwark” is nestled in the realm of dreamy synth-pop, blithe arrangements, and lush accents. Vocalist Christie Simpson’s breathtaking delivery heals both mind and body while the effervescent sonic composition from the four-piece allows the spirit to be at ease. It’s a remarkably well-crafted tune producing the vibes of ‘80 pop with a contemporary flair to carry you long and far. Narratively, the track leans on the complexities of romantic relationships, the disenchantment with modern love, and being out of touch with one’s self. “Southwark” is accompanied by visuals serving as a half-performance / half-lyrics video.

In a press release, lead singer Christie Simpson revealed this about the band’s new track, “‘Southwark’ feels like a dedication, a mantra, a promise to myself. I wrote the chorus line about someone in particular that I was with at the time, but it now feels like a universal truth for my relationships, a dedication that goes to every person I’ve loved and those that I’m still loving now. I can be quite dramatic in love and relationships, and I don’t always do or say the right thing when I should, but I do throw myself in completely (for better or worse). I loved that idea of repeating that dedication — ‘I am imperfectly yours.’ This track has haunted me a little every time I listen, there’s something melancholy that sits in there alongside that overall feeling of quiet elation. I suppose that speaks to the classic dichotomy of love and relationships — nothing is ever 100% good or perfect, and that’s what I am constantly trying to come to terms with.”

Yumi Zouma is comprised of vocalist/keyboardist Christie Simpson, guitarist/vocalist/keyboardist Josh Burgess, drummer Olivia Campion, and guitarist/bassist/keyboardist Charlie Ryder. Yumi Zouma is set to release their third LP Truth Or Consequences on March 13th. It follows their previous LPs, 2016’s Yoncalla and 2017’s Willowbank.

Connect with Yumi Zouma: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter 

Alt-Pop · Dreampop · Indie · Synth


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