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Tom Misch and Yussef Dayes announce new album with brilliant "What Kinda Music" [Video]

Making music is inherently collaborative, but it's often easy to identify the different contributions from each person in the process. Tom Misch and Yussef Dayes are two rising stars in U.K. music, each with their own unique artistic voice, yet when they work together, their styles blend seamlessly into something wholly new and original. The two have announced an upcoming collaborative album entitled What Kinda Music with the release of a stirring video for the LP’s title track.

The music on “What Kinda Music” lives in a world of its own with a heavy dose of Dayes’ crackling drums, shimmering synths, and Misch’s gentle vocal delivery in a noticeably grittier context than we’re used to hearing. The track is a true amalgam of the artists’ expansive talents, a blend that is also highlighted in the video, which was directed by Douglas Bernardt and shot on 16mm film in Kiev, Ukraine. With a dark visual palette, we see a young man navigating his way through increasingly merging environments of wooded forests and an urban subway. With the stunning video and an astounding, unprecedented musical display, Tom Misch and Yussef Dayes have worked together to deliver a visionary new direction in music.

"What Kinda Music" the single is available to stream or download here. What Kinda Music the album will be released via Blue Note Records / Beyond The Groove on April 24. The LP is available to pre-order here. It will feature guest appearances from Freddie Gibbs, saxophonist Kaidi Akinnibi, and bassist Rocco Palladino.

Connect with Tom Misch: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | Soundcloud | Website

Connect with Yussef Dayes: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | Soundcloud

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