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Prince Wiser takes us through a "Bronx County Drive"

NY native Prince Wiser teams up with longtime collaborator Soledad Brother for the semi-autobiographical track titled "Bronx County Drive."  

Wiser makes great use of the mellow, broody backdrop courtesy of Soledad Brother to flesh out his thoughts from an objective viewpoint. He shares a handful of stories and personal experiences that shaped him along the way from missed opportunities to being misunderstood and taken for granted. The Bronx native doesn't shy away from his true emotions and with so much on his mind, he cuts out the fat and focuses on the journey itself. For the most part, Wiser approaches the songwriting from an outsider looking in perspective, soaking up all the memories and dotting the I's as he looks forward to reaping the benefits of his hard work.

Not sure what project "Bronx County Drive" is taken from but it's always nice to hear something refreshing from the young vet. Get it on Deezer.

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