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Get 'On It" with 5-D's new bounce

Bubbling Austin, TX trio, 5-d, gives yet another glimpse into their upcoming EP with this new bounce "On It".

Sometimes upon first meeting someone, chemistry sparks and a friendship is made. Well, at least this was the case with Rudi, Cron and HBZ of the Double Deuce Duo Duplicate Deluxe. With Cron on the production and Rudi and HBZ on the top lines, the guys fell into a natural flow and developed a sound so sweet it begged to be explored and shared. 

In 5-D’s words - “This track is the Yin to the Yang that is our song, "Shrubbery". Same smokey content, but "On It" is more akin to the slow roast of a brisket, in comparison to Shrubbery's food truck deliciousness.” The tune features lush atmospheric pads, a plucky arp, and a gritty retro bass to create a truly authentic experience. The smooth vocal delivery and sharp lyricism of 5-D is hip-hop at its finest.

With such interesting style and intricate raps, this group continually paves their own path, while making you feel like maybe you’ve been down it before. To top it all off the group has been teasing a music video for both "On It" and "Shrubbery", which may or may not include a group of puppets. To find out more though, you will just have to follow them to find out. 

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