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10K.Caash returns with wild new mixtape 'Planet Swajjur'

Energetic Dallas rapper 10K.Caash has just dropped his short yet fiery new mixtape Planet Swajjur. The new heat comes after a huge 2019 for 10K which saw the explosion of viral dance sensation "the woah" and a star-studded mixtape The Creator that basks in its glory. Coming off of a meteoric rise and looking to keep the hot streak rolling, 10K.Caash's new tape proves at the very least that the young Texas firecracker still knows how to have fun.

Recognizing the winning formula at his disposal, 10K's new work on Planet Swajjur doesn't reach too far or try to take itself too seriously. This is no way a bad thing, as the explosive beats and abrasive bars are still as indulgent and electrifying as ever. At just sixteen minutes long, the tape seeks to catch heat briefly and finish promptly before the listener has time to lose interest. The approach is not only appropriate for 10K.Caash's style but effectively executed in the quarter-hour of a runtime. Eccentric slappers "Amazing (Intro)" and "Flip Flop" start the project off with hype and swagger that is later balanced with more melodic, wavy anthems like "Crowd Roars," "Overtime," and "Me and My Friends," the latter featuring mixtape legend Chance the Rapper.

Although the project features pretty standard rap themes of money, women, luxury, and success, the rhetoric is constantly refreshing when it is presented in different stylistic executions. One of 10K's strengths is that he can attack his arsenal of fun beats in a variety of ways. He can wild out and rip the beat part or hang back and roll with it. He can shove his excess in your face or he can happily admire it. This is a valuable trait for a young emcee of his status. As trends come and go and the rap industry progresses, it will become increasingly important for 10K.Caash to not only deliver high energy like he does here but also have fun doing it.

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