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Bask in the beauty of Cloud Orchestra's take on Sophia's "Over" [Video]

Technology has opened up infinite possibilities for musicians across the stylistic spectrum and led to countless positive innovations to the art of music. That said, the magic of live instruments will never lose its potency. The human touch offers a sense of realism and connection that is nearly impossible to replicate. Stringed instruments in particular have the ability to create soundscapes like no other. This special trait lies at the heart of the newly formed Cloud Orchestra. At the helm of the Dutch ensemble are Luna Hallenga and Anton de Bruin, the latter of whom is part of the band Dragonfruit, who made a big impression on the EARMILK staff last year. The ensemble’s aim is to offer studio recording and custom arrangements for artists looking to take their work to another level. Their first project to be released is a collaboration with Dutch-Lebanese singer Sophia, whose song “Over” gets a gorgeous reworking.

de Bruin delivers a stunning arrangement of “Over,” which is executed beautifully by Sophia, Hallenga (who plays violin on the track), and 11 other skilled musicians who round out the ensemble. The tune is well suited for the addition of orchestral instruments with Sophia’s heartfelt delivery and powerful words to her mother about persevering through adversity. While the original version was impactful with just voice and guitar, the addition of Cloud Orchestra gives it new life. The project gives an astounding preview of the artistic possibilities for this exceptional group.

Connect with Cloud Orchestra: Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

Connect with Sophia: Instagram | Spotify

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