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Baby Zionov's "Extract From Truth" is an anti-capitalist anthem for the modern era

Baby Zionov, a New Zealand producer and vocalist, has dropped a sparkling new single called "Extract From Truth". It's a taste of her forthcoming EP, The Bootscootin' Baby Zionov, which will be her first EP in four years following her debut EP, Baby Moves. Previously producing chip-tune tracks, Baby Zionov has been reborn as a modern-day italo-disco star. 

Not afraid to wear her politics on her sleeve, Baby Zionov offers a sugar-coated critique of capitalism with "Extract From Truth". At first listen, the song seems to be an euphoric dance number. But the lyrics depict the depressing realities of our world; as Baby Zionov sings, "I saw long queues but little food." Although it is the first time Baby Zionov has sung on a track, her soothing vocals stream effortlessly over the synths and drumbeats like it's no big deal.

If you yearn for communist dance music, "Extract From Truth" by Baby Zionov may be right up your alley. 


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