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HMD enters the Brownswood Basement for live rendition of "DEEN"

Fans of up-and-coming progressive musicians in the U.K. are likely already familiar with Future Bubblers. The programme is an offshoot of Brownswood Recordings and supports young artists in gaining footing in the uncertain world of the music industry. One of the most recent additions to the Future Bubblers roster is the Somalian-born vocalist HMD (pronounced “Hamdi”), who stopped by the legendary Brownswood Basement for a live, stripped down version of his track “DEEN.”

In the intimate performance, keyboardist Greg Owens is HMD’s only accompaniment, and the pair delivers an impassioned version of “DEEN.” Without any other musical backing, listeners witness the power of HMD’s vocals on a song with significance beyond just music. “Deen” is Arabic for “faith,” and the song touches on themes of focus and energy while also honouring HMD’s Somali heritage. Now with a Brownswood Basement session under his belt, the future is looking increasingly bright for HMD.

Listen to HMD's original version of "DEEN" here.

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