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Egzod and Riell unite on otherworldly single "Pray"

A goal often shared by electronic music artists is to inject a bit of humanity into their synthetic soundscapes-adding that special something that takes it outside of the digital world that they created it in. Closing 2019 with his spin on Post Malone's "Hollywood's Bleeding", one of Miami's most promising bass music producers, Egzod, excels once again by exploding into 2020 with yet more music. "Pray" approaches cinematic blockbuster levels of grandiosity; a theme concurrent throughout his back catalogue.

Sonically, it's what we've come to expect from the relentless producer—hard-hitting basslines, ethereal melodies, syncopated rhythms and an overall sound that pushes the envelope forward. Often connecting powerful vocalists, Egzod joins forces with Riell, who states in the press release what motivated her was "apathy in today's society and how people and media will often get behind a cause due to the hype surrounding it and move on as soon as it's gone. It's a call for action instead of words," with Egzod following up noting that, "Prayer is not enough if we are not doing what we can do to help." A truly just statement indeed.

Connect with Egzod: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud | Spotify

Connect with Riell: Instagram | Facebook | SoundCloud | Spotify

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