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Egzod shares his spin on Post Malone's "Hollywood's Bleeding" featuring Mary Sweet

Something that took a backseat on modern icon Post Malone's recent project, Hollywood's Bleeding, is the darker side of rap and snappy bite that comes with it. It was always a foregone conclusion that Postie would focus on poppier climbs as time passed, but Miami-based producer and artist Egzod decided to take it upon himself inject some of that back into the music, with a little help from vocalist Mary Sweet.

After being stunned by the opener and titular track of the album, he got to work; "I knew I had to remix it. After posting a preview on my socials, my fans wanted me to release it. So, I decided to make it a full cover."

Much of the format of the song remains the same, with Egzod interpolating as much of his personal flair as possible before it drops into a gritty crescendo of future bass synth work that conjures imagery of neon-tinged dystopian future, adding a tech-fuelled twist on the original narrative. With such a quick turnaround for such powerful work that simultaneously does justice to the original while telling his own story, he is rapidly becoming EDM's hottest commodity. "Hollywood's Bleeding" is available now via Lowly.

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[…] outside of the digital world that they created it in. Closing 2019 with his spin on Post Malone's "Hollywood's Bleeding", one of Miami's most promising bass music producers, Egzod, excels once again by exploding into […]