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BRÅVES enlist the inspired vocals of newcomer Lilli Wilder on "Mean Girls"

Alternative trio BRÅVES deliver a stunning new release in "Mean Girls", featuring the sultry vocals of an ambitious new talent—Lilli Wilder

Delegating themselves to a supporting production role, the trio let their instrumentals become their faces, giving Wilder infinite space in which she can thrive. Exercising her commanding vocals in a vacuum of coy electric guitar strums, she freely flits between composed and impatient. At times slow to deliver her lines, and at others demanding for them to be heard— "'Cuz I like girls that are mean to me!" Though it's a straightforward song, it harbours a natural evolution as the simple production gives way to more pronounced percussions somewhere along the halfway mark. Layering in a trap beat in its final push toward the end, "Mean Girls" gains a contemporary edge without ever losing its sophistication. "'Mean Girls' is a song about a much younger me who didn’t know how to fall in love with the right person," Wilder further explains. "I could not be more proud of how authentically it speaks to the complexities of how I was feeling at the time." 

"Mean Girls" may be Wilder's first official appearance on a released track, but she's no stranger to the industry. Starting off in an a capella group as a teenager, she's performed at such revered venues as Hollywood Bowl, Carnegie Hall and the Beacon Theater, just to name a few. And though time has granted her with increasing wisdom, it is her voice—now standing proudly on its own— that has granted her with the power to wield it. 

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