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Debutant LEAP triumphs on ode to internal struggles "N.L.T.D."

Songwriting has changed over the years, in the past, so many powerfully emotive topics were taboo, with their true meaning muddied by the necessity to shroud them in metaphor. Thankfully, due to the honest conversations regarding mental health, this taboo's grip is loosening, providing artists such as debutant LEAP the space to chronicle his harrowing musical path; in a gripping musical fashion.

Falling into a deep state of depression just as success came knocking, London-based auteur Jack Balfour Scott or his now solo monicker LEAP, tried all manner of things to feel himself again but his efforts only sent further down that same dark path. After admitting that he needed help, and emerging victorious from the arduous battle, his creativity not only went full circle but skyrocketed, and the LEAP project was born. "N.L.T.D." is a perfectly executed, gloomy alternative rock cut that carries brooding instrumentation and lyrical brevity that borders on cinematic, with Scott's remarkable voice taking centre stage; a truly breathtakingly powerful debut.

Catch LEAP live at the Omeara in London, UK, on the 29th of February - more information and tickets can be found here.

Connect with LEAP: Instagram | SoundCloud

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