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D'Andre Martin radiates positivity on new 'There's Always a Light' album

Texas rapper D'Andre Martin has been gaining momentum since 2018, when he released a project titled Give Me Just A Minute and two separate tracks, "No Sleep" and "Look At My Life." Now, he is back with a new album aptly titled There's Always a Light. With 11 tracks, he manages to touch a variety of different subjects: from his work ethic to anyone doubting him there is something on the album for almost everyone. He raps with a style comparable to early Logic and KYLE, but has no issue being himself.

The young artist brings in lighter, melodic, autotuned hooks for some tracks, while he raps aggressively in other moments. Where Martin shines is in his motivation and relatability; he has no issue sharing his struggles, but is sure to explain his relentless mindset towards pursuing his dreams. Highlights from There's Always a Light include the opening track, "On the Road," which sets the stage for the other 10 songs.

"They told me my music gives them hope / they gave me chills," he raps over a piano on the first track. 

Other tracks like "Family over Fame" detail his passion but honestly explain the difficulties that come with giving it his all. The project's last track, "Don't You Cry," is the most full and cinematic on the album; it will be the most likely to give the listener chills and demand that they replay There's Always a Light. Martin's passion seeps through every lyric and shows that this album is important to him. Check it out up above. 


Connect with D'Andre Martin: Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram 

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